A Holy Well and the Sacredness of Water


Kundalini Shakti expresses so often as water in my dreams. Whether rain, snow, river or sea, water in dreams, in its various forms, is always God talking to us. Recently, in an altered state of consciousness, the full moon, so intimately connected to water, rose in my third eye and a vision ensued.

I found I was walking up a hill to a beautiful white castle, looking behind me I could see a calm ocean. I entered the castle and turned to look out of the windows. I saw the ocean waves had become huge, much higher than the castle and that in fact the ocean was on all sides, that this great castle was a small insignificant object within this great ocean which was threatening to completely engulf it. This experience was terrifying but beautiful and as I returned to this world I asked, what was the meaning.

A voice said,  It is consciousness searching for the parts of you, it has not yet found.

In the garden of our new house, near Bantry, in the West of Ireland, is something very special. Sheltered in a tiny grove of elder and holly, is a holy well. The well was overgrown and covered in corrugated iron but we are slowly but surely restoring its beauty. I felt a strong spiritual connection to the well immediately and its holiness was confirmed to me when a shaman came in a dream and together, we placed medicinal plants all around it. The shaman said, we are creating an altar.  

We are deeply honoured by the presence of this ancient source and it will be the sacred centre of our new home.







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